Who is Arthur Penn?


The elite businessman, Arthur H. Penn, has had as much as 30 years of business experience in his lifetime. Not only has he worked in lending, but he has also been a leading role in financing, debt distressing, and even working in a private equity business. Throughout his career, Penn has held various positions in his businesses like Chief Operating Officer, President, Managing Partner, and even several Global Head positions. Aside from his businesses, Arthur Penn has also started a Synagogue, which has been an important part of his life.

One of Penn’s biggest adventures, however, has been PennantPark, his investment corporation. Since the creation of the company, Penn has worked as both the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman of the company. PennantPark was founded in 2007 by Arthur Penn, and it is located in the heart of New York. This leading investment firm have a specific focus on helping middle-market companies find flexible and creative capital. Arthur Penn Pennant Park has deployed as many as $7 billion to some 500-plus companies along with more than 180 sponsors. Currently, PennantPark manages two separate publicly traded development companies. These companies are PennantPark Floating Rate Capital and PennantPark Investment Corporation. Along with these two, Penn has also opened PennantPark Credit Opportunities Fund to help fund the company entirely.

Through the work of Arthur Penn, PennantPark has put their focus on these capital reflections for preservation. Their core belief is to provide a better opportunity for companies that they seek to invest in. PennantPark also works with trusted investors and partners to ensure that the investments are sound.

Arthur H. Penn, a man with multiple years of business experience, has had quite a few exciting ventures in his lifetime. From the year 1992 to the present, Penn has been working hard in every company in which he is employed or has founded in the past. Several of the companies in which he has worked are:

  • Lehman Brothers
  • BT Securities/ BT Alex Brown Incorporated
  • UBS Warburg LLC
  • Apollo Investment Corporation
  • Pennant Park

Each company that Arthur Penn has worked in has been a successful business venture as well as a beneficial tool to give him the experience he needed to start PennantPark just a few years ago. His experience has given way to a successful business career and in turn a successful life.